Artworks TO Gogh art lessons

 This is a time to be creative in how we engage with each other, especially our kids. Now is the time to embrace our ability to create ... with our children! Looking for inspiration?

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 Together we are facing a truly uprecidented situation. The coronavirus pandemic is affecting all of our families, our businesses, our communities & our way of life. We have temporarily closed our doors, but promise to come back stronger and continue to make a creative difference in your child's life. 

The widespread cancellation of in-person events has affected many businesses, Artworks included, who rely on revenue from classes & studio events. Artworks decided to bring their fun, creative art lessons online in April.  

We are offering Art classes for ages 3+ to stay creatively engaged at home! Online lessons (one per week) will be emailed directly to you Monday morning so you can create anytime you want during the week. No "live" class times to fit into your busy schedule.


June Lessons, ages 3-5           June lessons, ages 5-8        June lessons, ages 8+         June lessons, adult

May lessons, ages 3-5        May lessons, ages 5-8    May lessons, ages 8+

April lessons, ages 3-5         April lessons, ages 5-8     April lessons, ages 8+          

*lessons will be emailed at time of purchase  

Due to the fact that supplies could be limited, I really wanted to provide more depth to our lessons. So-you will find a Power Point presentation with each lesson which includes a lot of great information along with the steps for the lesson.  Parent supervision is suggested (required for ages 3-5) as the kids work through the lesson and feel free to join them in the fun! 

Lesson includes: Video demonstration of the art lesson, Power Point presentation with additional content, visuals & more and Additional handouts  & resources that can be printed and used with the lesson.

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