class descriptions

Parent Child art (2- 6 yrs w/adult)~ Classes are geared towards the parent & child who love to make art together. Parent & child will be involved in activities that enhance fine motor skills, creativity, and imaginations! It's worth the price alone when you don't have to clean up the mess on your dining room table :) 

Little Hands Big Art (3-6 yrs)~ Creative thinking will be encouraged by exploring a variety of media, including collage, paint, clay, oil pastel and found objects. Young artists will have fun while learning about art every week.  *Drop off class

Art Adventures (5-8 yrs)~ Kids will explore painting, sculpture, collage and/or drawing each week. Your child will be introduced to different art styles & different mediums, making their own masterpieces! 

Mixed Media Fun (6-10 yrs)~ This class gives students a chance to explore a wide range of media including collage, painting, drawing, sculpture and more. Projects are developed in order for students to express themselves through their work and vary from session to session.   

The Artist in Me (8-12 yrs)~ Enjoy the art making process by drawing, painting, collage, sculpture & more! This class is open to all kids who love art & want some more hands-on time to develop their skills and experiment with different techniques & materials. 

Home School Art-Mixed Media (5-9 yrs & 9+ yrs)~ Students have a chance to explore a wide range of media including collage, painting, drawing, sculpture and more! Projects vary from session to session. .

Summer Art Camps (ages 5-10)~ School is Out & art is in- weekly 3 hour, creative themed art camps to choose from all summer!

Summer Art Class (ages 3-6)~ "Mini Monets/Little Artists" weekly 45 minute class

art 'on the Gogh' school classes (K- 5th Grade)~ after school enrichment programs at local schools. Monthly workshops right at the school. *must be a student at the school to participate.  

Workshops (all ages)~ Variety of 1 and 2 day workshops throughout the year. 

Other classes that may be offered throughout the year:

'Fun with Famous Artists', Kids can Sculpt',  'Lets Paint", 'Art around the World'